Cuba = Shifting towards Neoliberalism?

November 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

I just thought this article was relevant since we briefly talked about Cuba and its future in the global economy. Since privatization of assets is a key component of Neoliberalism, does anyone think that this is the first step in them liberalizing their markets and turning their back on Socialism? Or do you think that this is nothing for Cubans to really be concerned about? Do you think it will ignite an “indirect investment race” as they say in the article?


§ One Response to Cuba = Shifting towards Neoliberalism?

  • csiania49 says:

    They may be attempting to do what China has done. Liberalize. But they’ll refer to it as socialism with Cuban characteristics. They seem to be trying to bring in investors and at the same time maintain control over the market. It is a concern for Cubans because as the article points out most Cubans will not be able to invest in the market. This means that most of the investors (people that buy property, homes, etc.) will be from the outside and eventually Cuba will be privatized by non-Cubans (citizens). This may result in Cubans having an even smaller influence on Cuba. So yes they should be a little concerned.

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